Stump Grinding

See How Easily You Can Get Rid of Stubborn Tree Stumps in Your Yard

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Stumps can be a nuisance to remove from your yard. To fully get rid of them, you need to grind it down and prevent regrowth. When you need professional stump grinding, hire the pros at Arborsmiths The Family Tree Company. We'll make sure to remove all traces of the stump from your yard and blend it in with the landscape.

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Should you remove a stump from your property?

Should you remove a stump from your property?

Leaving a tree stump in your yard may seem harmless, but there are downsides to not removing it. Here are the facts:

Rotting stumps can become breeding grounds for insects.
The root systems left by stumps can stunt the growth of surrounding trees.
Having a stump in your yard can promote the transmission of fungi and plant borne diseases.

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